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was an English social reformer and the founder of modern nursing.  She came to prominence during the Crimean War, where she organized care for wounded soldiers.  Her efforts laid the foundation for professional nursing.

in Dutch language:

Florence Nightingale wordt wereldwijd gezien als de grondlegster van het vak van verplegen.  Als de ‘dame met de lamp’ is zij het symbool van de modern ziekenverpleging geworden.  Ruim een eeuw na haar dood wordt zij nog steeds geëerd om haar grenzeloze toewijding en grote deskundigheid.


Mijn boek brengt de geschiedenis tot leven. Een nooit verteld verhaal over Florence Nightingale en haar vriend, een Maltese arts, Dr. Pisani. Duik in dit boeiende verhaal!


in Turkish Language 

Maryann Ring Spencer’ın Villa Sans Souci adlı romanında Florence Nightingale’in ilham verici hikayesini keşfedin. Bu sürükleyici roman, efsanevi hemşirenin hayatına ve Dr. Pisani ile çalışmalarına derinlemesine bir bakış sunarak, az bilinen yönlerini ortaya koyuyor. 19. yüzyılın tıbbi gelişmelerinin kalbine yapacağınız bu unutulmaz yolculuğa katılın. Bugün kendi kopyanızı edinin ve tarihe doğru bir yolculuğa çıkın.

Villa Sans Souci - Şimdi Türkiye’de mevcut!


in Hindi language:

फ्लोरेंस नाइटिंगेल को दुनिया भर में नर्सिंग पेशे का संस्थापक माना जाता है। 'लेडी विद द लैंप' के रूप में वह आधुनिक नर्सिंग का प्रतीक बन गई हैं। उनकी मृत्यु के एक शताब्दी से भी अधिक समय बाद, उन्हें अभी भी उनके असीम समर्पण और महान विशेषज्ञता के लिए सम्मानित किया जाता है। मेरी किताब इतिहास को जीवंत बनाती है। फ्लोरेंस नाइटिंगेल और उसके दोस्त माल्टा के डॉक्टर डॉ. पिसानी के बारे में ऐसी कहानी कभी नहीं बताई गई। इस मनोरम कहानी में गोता लगाएँ!



Villa Sans Souci

'Villa Sans Souci' will be made available via the British publishing house PEGASUS. We started working together on this project straight away after my manuscript was approved, which I am incredibly grateful for. Currently, planning is underway for the book's marketing and other promotions. The publication date of the book will be announced shortly. The book will be sold in Malta, the UK, and India in addition to being offered on Amazon and other websites.

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The First Ideas

Everything begins with only an idea, and from there, creativity takes off. I used that as my starting point for the historical fiction book 'Villa Sans Souci.' An inspiration that inspired the creation of fantastic scenes and their documentation. I want to stress the importance of not waiting until you are an expert in everything. If you're willing to put your thoughts and knowledge down on paper, simply do it! Yes, you receive criticism and witness your project being derided by some, but there are also those who help you see the light, bring out the best in your ideas, and direct you towards your goals. I experienced that, and I felt that way. I am grateful to the excellent editors I encountered while working on my project who paved the road for me to publish the work I had always envisioned.

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